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Do we need to stop using LiveJournal or are there just going to be more ads now?
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I have a reliable first-hand report of "little people" at large in the American Northwest. My source encountered a congregation of these beings in a wooded area. Human-like in all essential respects, the beings were nevertheless small, like normal people in miniature. Although the encounter was brief, my source was able to glean some important information. The "little people" claimed to predate known North American cultures and possessed their own language. As in so many other accounts of meetings with ufonauts or "paranormal" entities, they appeared Asian, again inviting speculation that they originate from a "lost" community that has opted for a peripheral role, effectively hidden from the mainstream.

According to the beings' spokesman, they remain hidden largely by virtue of our narrow perceptual focus, even able to pass among us disguised as children. Supposedly they lead an almost hobo-like existence, without recourse to the sort of technology associated with UFOs.

While this all sounds innocuous enough, my source qualified his story by stating that he felt that his meeting had been arranged not so much for his benefit as for theirs – an unsettling idea that brings to mind a surveillance program of potentially epic scope. ...


If nomadic CTs are forced to adopt a marginal role in our world, it's unlikely that they have easy access to the communications infrastructure we take for granted; maybe it's no coincidence that my source is a computer programmer. ..."

- Mac Tonnies, "The Cryptoterrestrials"


Feb. 23rd, 2017 10:49 am
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There was a double murder in Delphi, Indiana last week, and the killer is still at large. Delphi is north of here, a little over an hour from where we live. I have never been there and don't feel any special connection to any of this, other than when they released the suspect photo, I agreed with what I saw people say online: this looks like every middle aged white male in every small town in Indiana. Two teenage girls were killed, 13 and 14. They were out hiking on what sounds like a well-trafficked trail and disappeared. Their bodies were found the next day. One of the girls managed to capture some audio and video of the person who is now the murder suspect.

It is an unthinkable crime and the kind of thing I don't think happens so much these days in the U.S., thankfully. It is disturbing to know whoever did this is in all likelihood still running around free carrying on as he pleases. I really hope the police find him quickly.

I really can't imagine what it must be like for the two girls' families. I think I would lose my mind if something like this happened to someone close to me. I feel like something about these murders is made even more eerie by how the smartphones came into play. The video and audio captured, and also the rumor that one of the girls phone was pinging around town for awhile after her disappearance, then the phone itself stopped responding.
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from http://www.strangemag.com/firstperson.html#giantshrimp

"Giant Shrimp in the Laundry Room

Transcription of tape recorded phone message:

Hi. My name is Virginia Staples and in 1948 I lived in Bremerton, Washington. The apartment where I lived had a gigantically huge basement. There were huge holes in the walls and the apartment house manager used to tell me that it was rumored there was a passage to the water. The huge apartment houses were so close together and they all had basements and they were old buildings. There was a washer and a washtub and a clothesline. And on this particular day I had gotten my clothes all hung up but I kept feeling someone was staring at me or looking at me. And it was such a creepy feeling I finally turned around and looked towards the back of the basement and froze. I was so scared I can still feel it. I couldn't move. In one of the huge holes in the basement there stood this thing. [She breaks down here.] Oh, it was horrible! I stand five foot tall and this creature was as tall as I was. It had a bright orange colored body and little spidery thin legs and antennae on its head that kept moving back and in and out. [Crying now.] That thing started towards me. I backed out of the basement and got up to my apartment and I packed all my things and moved. I was so scared. I moved over to Seattle to my cousin's. I went to an aquarium to see if I could see anything that looked like what it was, and the only thing that I could find that looked anything like it was this little tiny shrimp. But it just doesn't make sense. I had horrible nightmares for years. I finally got up enough nerve a couple of years ago to go back to revisit Bremerton. But the Navy has enlarged so much and the apartment house on Denny Street has been torn down. Really nobody would really believe this, but as God is my witness it really happened.

Originally published in Strange 6."

Never forget.


Jan. 18th, 2017 09:48 am
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I know, keep your head down, ignore the world, ignore the news, whose job is to make you always afraid...

But I do have to say I am finding myself nervous about the Presidential inauguration stuff coming up this weekend. I feel like something crazy and violent is going to happen.

I hope not, but so many people seem so worked up.

Melissa is going to the Women's March in Indianapolis; I really really hope she will be OK. I think she will. I wasn't worrying til this morning.

After six years with me, Melissa says I always have to have something to worry about. It may not have taken her six years to figure that out, I am not sure.
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There is a podcast called Dogman Encounters, whose topic is exactly what you would imagine. At present it is up to 110 episodes.


Jul. 8th, 2014 06:41 pm
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I need to get rid of some of these feeds. How have you been?
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Big hoorays for The Lost Thing and God of Love winning.

Boo to Exit Through The Gift Shop not winning. I was so looking forward to seeing who or what would've accepted.

I feel like True Grit will get shut out. I didn't see a lot of these movies. Most.
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I keep forgetting, but this obnoxious article has persuaded me I should stop typing two spaces after periods, the way I was taught. I guess that means no double spacing after colons as well? Seriously the tone of this article is annoying. Maybe if you are going to preach about type you have to make me want to smack you? (And when was the last time I said that about anything? Sheesh.)

Also this, from the comments there: "Take a look at the writing tips in a standard middle-grade English textbook. Plenty of lessons (most of them written by current or former teachers) still caution students to avoid split infinitives and sentence-ending prepositions, even though neither taboo has a basis in grammar or idiom. As far as anyone knows, the rules are the product of a few idiosyncratic 19th-century stylists whose opinions just happen to have been canonized by tradition."

Hah! Take that, last know-it-all that tried to edit me!
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I know some things are completely out of bounds when it comes to making fun, and while this is one of them, I still have to ask, seriously?


Oct. 18th, 2010 01:19 am
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Been craving Penny's Noodle Shop, which is in Chicago, and which I've not eaten since the late '90s or so. What does it mean?

most wanted

Oct. 2nd, 2010 10:11 pm
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Man I can't wait to see X'ed Out from Charles Burns.

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The Black Francis soundtrack for The Golem is fantastic. I hope more of it is posted on YouTube by blackfrancisnet but til then you get a static image to go with one of the better songs. Which is a shame because this song works well with the movie.
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Some things I've enjoyed recently:

I've been listening to The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, mostly during my commute. I'm only about halfway through. It's good. The setting fascinates me and the characters are vivid. One warning, there are some medical procedures described in excruciating detail in the book. They might not be difficult to read, but I found myself squirming while listening to the audiobook during these sequences. A difficult childbirth sequence early on was particularly hard on me. "ymmv", as they say.

This weekend I read The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects and Love and Rockets New Stories #3. Screw-On Head is pure fun. I remember when I read the comic originally I thought it was like Hellboy Sniglets, where a basic Hellboy plot had even more absurd elements inserted. This time I was mostly impressed by the art. The rest of the book is funny and beautiful. Love and Rockets, wow. First of all I don't know if they planned it but the stories Los Bros did here are pretty disturbing, Gilbert's in a dream to nightmare kind of way, Jaime's even more unsettling (and ultimately, crushingly sad). Much as I bow to the greatness of Gilbert, I have to say Jaime is just unearthly good at this point. The drawing in Browntown is so perfect it's amazing. We need to put this stuff in a special vault to preserve it for future generations.

I watched Sym-Bionic Titan Friday night. Holy cow I loved this. The premiere was a little busy with characters and events, and the 'anime' references were on the heavy side (duh) for me but, overall what was not to love. Some Micronauts-looking giant robot fighting a giant monster, cool character designs (echoes of Tezuka out the wazoo), a colorful setting, aliens, intrigue. High hopes. I am a more reserved man but I more or less endorse this breathless summary.

Last weekend I read the first 3 collections of Locke and Key. I liked this a lot. Really imaginative creepy fantasy in a modern setting, with art I could stand. The magic of the keys is original and the slow unwinding of the mysterious past is done well. I am not sure why I make the comparison but I felt like people who liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer would like this. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the story unfold.

And speaking of looking forward, I am eager to get my hands on a copy of The Simon and Kirby Superheroes. The book is out in the comic book shop 'direct market'; I am waiting on my Amazon.com preorder to ship. From all reports this sounds like a dream come true object. Oh and, this is further off in the future but, Chester Brown's next book has been announced for Spring 2011.

Oh and, a very curious blogger is back (but for how long?). Can't forget about that.
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"I was scared. Not of being dead, that I could not comprehend, to be nothing was impossible to grasp and therefore nothing really to be scared of, but the dying itself I could comprehend, the very instant when you know that now comes what you have always feared, and you suddenly realise that every chance of being the person you really wanted to be, is gone for ever, and the one you were, is the one those around you will remember." - Per Petterson, I Curse The River of Time


Ah they'll forget pretty quick.
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"There is simply no room left for 'freedom from the tyranny of government' since city dwellers depend on it for food, power, water, transportation, protection, and welfare. Your right to live where you want, with companions of your choosing, under laws to which you agree, died in the eighteenth century with Captain Mission. Only a miracle or a disaster could restore it." - William S. Burroughs, Cities of the Red Night

Aug. 20th, 2010 09:56 pm
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Love the Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions. Click to check out some of the upcoming covers:

(and, OK, the old ones too... they're still good to look at....)

Also: Some striking covers for "Penguin Ink". Tattoo artists. Hm!
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Dr. Stone's Evil Scale

Well I guess this fellow is the expert but, it seems like he could have collapsed this a little without losing much nuance. And what about thieves, dictators, abusers, cads and other heels, and so on?

Also: Cropsey. (more)


Aug. 14th, 2010 11:22 pm
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"According to Kurtz, after helping to create the first two Star Wars films, he became disillusioned with Lucas just before Return Of The Jedi, when he noticed that Lucas’ priorities had shifted away from story and character toward selling some toys."

Hah. This makes sense and has me feeling validated in a thought I've had about the Star Wars 'prequels', which is that they appear to have been most successful at selling lots and lots of toys.

It's sad and kind of frustrating in a way, or would be if I cared about Star Wars. I did care about it quite a bit when the first two films came out and, ironically, was as obsessed with the toys as with any other aspect of those movies and their merchandise. So, I suppose I was part of the problem, me and my toy greed. They were pretty neat toys though. Jawas and whatnot.
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