Feb. 23rd, 2017 10:49 am
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There was a double murder in Delphi, Indiana last week, and the killer is still at large. Delphi is north of here, a little over an hour from where we live. I have never been there and don't feel any special connection to any of this, other than when they released the suspect photo, I agreed with what I saw people say online: this looks like every middle aged white male in every small town in Indiana. Two teenage girls were killed, 13 and 14. They were out hiking on what sounds like a well-trafficked trail and disappeared. Their bodies were found the next day. One of the girls managed to capture some audio and video of the person who is now the murder suspect.

It is an unthinkable crime and the kind of thing I don't think happens so much these days in the U.S., thankfully. It is disturbing to know whoever did this is in all likelihood still running around free carrying on as he pleases. I really hope the police find him quickly.

I really can't imagine what it must be like for the two girls' families. I think I would lose my mind if something like this happened to someone close to me. I feel like something about these murders is made even more eerie by how the smartphones came into play. The video and audio captured, and also the rumor that one of the girls phone was pinging around town for awhile after her disappearance, then the phone itself stopped responding.
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