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Birthdate:Dec 31
Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
"The Gentleman Roller"

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abner dean, american elf, art toys, basil wolverton, being nosy, boody rogers, books, cartooning, cartoons, cats, charles portis, chester gould, clark ashton smith, comic books, comic strips, comics, comix, complaining, creatures, d&d, david b., dick tracy, dogs, doodling, drawing, dreams, dungeons and dragons, e.c. segar, escape, fletcher hanks, fourth world, frankenstein, freedom, gary brecher, ghosts, giant monsters, glow in the dark, h.p. lovecraft, harold gray, having it easy, heading for the hills, hermits, hiding, hiking, hippie artifacts, hoaxes, hobos, indiana, indianapolis, initiation, internet, invisibility, j.r.r. tolkien, jack kirby, jack vance, james kochalka, jim woodring, john bellairs, john palifox key, kindle, l. ron hubbard, lego, levitating, levitation, liberty, little orphan annie, love, maps, margaret st. clair, mars, matt fox, meditation, mindfulness, minicomics, monsters, muppets, peace, peanuts, philip k. dick, planet of the apes, polar bears, polar expeditions, popeye, prehistory, primates, privacy, proofs of my return, racial caricatures in cartoons, reading, reading bumper stickers, reddit, reptilians, robert e. howard, roy crane, scharpling & wurster, sea creatures, sleep, sneaking, snooping, spacehawk, spiritualism, spock, stealth, steve ditko, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1970s, the best show, the doom patrol, the funnies, the history of christianity, the hollow earth, the library, the mighty boosh, the secondary alternate realm, the struggle, thimble theatre, thunderstorms, time travel, tom the dancing bug, toys, trains, walking, weird tales, whining, wikipedia, worrying, writing
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