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I have a reliable first-hand report of "little people" at large in the American Northwest. My source encountered a congregation of these beings in a wooded area. Human-like in all essential respects, the beings were nevertheless small, like normal people in miniature. Although the encounter was brief, my source was able to glean some important information. The "little people" claimed to predate known North American cultures and possessed their own language. As in so many other accounts of meetings with ufonauts or "paranormal" entities, they appeared Asian, again inviting speculation that they originate from a "lost" community that has opted for a peripheral role, effectively hidden from the mainstream.

According to the beings' spokesman, they remain hidden largely by virtue of our narrow perceptual focus, even able to pass among us disguised as children. Supposedly they lead an almost hobo-like existence, without recourse to the sort of technology associated with UFOs.

While this all sounds innocuous enough, my source qualified his story by stating that he felt that his meeting had been arranged not so much for his benefit as for theirs – an unsettling idea that brings to mind a surveillance program of potentially epic scope. ...


If nomadic CTs are forced to adopt a marginal role in our world, it's unlikely that they have easy access to the communications infrastructure we take for granted; maybe it's no coincidence that my source is a computer programmer. ..."

- Mac Tonnies, "The Cryptoterrestrials"
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