May. 23rd, 2010

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The LOST series finale begins in about 90 minutes. I am looking forward to it... I do not believe it will answer all my questions, but I am still hoping for a satisfying 2-2.5 hours of tee vee. Once LOST is gone, there will not be much active on TV I am interested in. Fringe, Mad Men and a couple comedies and cartoons I think, plus random History Channel stuff. It's good. One thing I've liked with LOST I can't articulate well is, I've enjoyed running into other people who like the show over the years.

I was trying to think of all the questions I have that might be addressed (there is an interesting list here). Off the top of my head there is the question of Walt and why the Others were so interested in him. Somewhat related, just what if any benefits did the Others get from their devotion to Jacob (which, it seemed a little like Jacob might not deign to deal with them much but then some of them seemed a little superhuman, where did that come from?) Did Jacob heal Locke and Rose or was that 'the Island' working? Who built the Temple and the Statue? What was the story with Richard's visit to Kid Locke, where he treated him like he might be the next Dalai Lama, then got mad at him? Why did 'the numbers' make Hurley win the lottery? (and, I think I had some other questions around the numbers... it's hard to even remember some of the mysteries at this point) Why did Jacob tolerate the Dharma Initiative at all?

Then some of the things brought up at the link above such as the food drops and the death-in-childbirth stuff. And just what is the Island with its magnetic fields and movement and time travel and other anomalies... the way it couldn't be approached or departed from easily.

Then with the 'sideways timeline', I find myself wondering how Otherton still got built, yet the Island is sunk; when did things diverge and how, and did this keep Jacob from meddling in the lives of Locke, et al, and is that why their lives are seemingly happier?

Anyway the show hasn't really let me down yet, other than it did feel like they had a couple seasons that could have not happened and not affected the overall story... yet I still enjoyed watching them. So that's kinda what I am hoping for tonight, just an enjoyable time. I fully expect the finale to create more questions than it answers, since that's what LOST does.


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